How to Keep Your Carpet Clean With Pets

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Adding a new paw-y member to your life, maybe a pet dog or cat adds good health and wellbeing in your home. But it is said that with great benefits, drawbacks come uninvited. As a pet parent, you are going to have fun with your new friend but also have to deal with their hair here and there, chewing, and cleaning. Also, if you are scratching your head while thinking about how you are going to help yourself while dealing with this bundle of playfulness – we are here to help!

So, here is an article with some handy tips to keep your carpets and rugs clean while having pets at home. If you are also worried about how to keep your carpet pet safe, keep reading!

Carpet Cleaning Sydney Services – 4 Easy Ways to Keep Carpets Ever-clean with pets

1. Catch odours, literally!

Pet odours or pet urine odours can be horrible at times. You may not realize that you are slowly adapting to the smell because you have been used to it lately. Deodorizing your carpets daily can be a daunting task, instead, you can incorporate these simple steps to keep your carpets and house odour-free and fresh:

– Regularly bathe your pets; if you have a dog, they are likely to smell bad for a longer time

– Timely clean your pet bedding

– Wash their puffy toys once every week

– Throw cat poop and urine regularly

– Clean carpet regularly or hire a professional carpet cleaning services Sydney for health check, cleaning, and maintenance of your carpets

Tip – Sprinkle baking soda or spray room freshener near the litter to retain the freshness for a longer time.

2. Buy a comfortable pet bed

The best way to maintain healthiness in your house yet spend time with your pet is to buy comfortable bedding for them. Invest in buying comfortable bedding near the place where you spend most of the time. It will also help you stay relaxed while working from home or doing your chores. Start training your pet dog or cat to stay in bed when sleeping or eating or just relaxing. With continuous efforts in training your pet, eventually one day they will learn and know about their space. Also, offer them sweet treats when they are learning.

Tip – Train them to not enter a certain area in your home.

3. Take utmost care of the hair

Just like human hair, animals leave their trademarks everywhere. You might end up finding it in every corner – on the carpet, bedsheet, clothes, or kitchen. If your pet has a habit of roaming anywhere around or leaping on the bed or furniture, the possibility of finding hair everywhere is infinite. To handle it, invest in buying a compact cordless vacuum for collecting the pet hair. Or you can take your furry companion for regular grooming which will help the pet to shed less hair around and create less hair mess indoors. Thus, it will keep your house hygienic and clean.

Tip – Regular grooming sessions are always the perfect solution for your hairy pets.

4. Avoid stain-y accidents quickly

If your pet accidentally drops your wine or ink while you are away, as soon as you get to know, react to it before it turns out to be a permanent stain mark. Here are some instant cleaning advice –

– Clean it with a stain remover.

– Consult the best yet cheap carpet cleaning Sydney as a service provider for instant help.

– Remove solids such as pet litter.

– Blot fresh stains with a cloth.

– Blot fresh stains with a mixture of washing liquid and hot water.

You can continue blotting and rinsing until the stained carpet, rug, or bed sheet becomes stain-free.

Tip – In case you are afraid it will damage the fabric, immediately dial in the professional carpet steam cleaning service providers.

Bonus Tip – Hire the best Professional Carpet Cleaning Sydney services

The smartest and the most affordable way to keep your carpets pet-safe and pet-clean is to hire the professional carpet steam cleaning service provider available around. The benefits of hiring these services are endless. Here are a few:

– Minimal damage to the fabric, colour, flooring, and property.

– Hygienic and eco-friendly cleaning with the latest technology.

– Pet-safe cleaning with eco-friendly cleaners, sanitisers, neutralizers, and deodorants.

– Regular cleaning and maintenance of carpets, rugs, upholstery, bed sheets, and curtains.

– Penetrated cleaning with a neutralizer to breakdown the pet litter.

– Deep contaminant extraction cleaning.

– Removal of stains, pet odour, pet hair, moulds, bacteria, and other hidden micro-particles with the latest technology and hygienic cleaning.

– No damage guaranteed to your commercial or residential property.

– Allergy-proof, dust-proof, stain-proof, mist-proof cleaning services.

Final Takeaways

We insist on hiring or consulting the best carpet cleaning services in Sydney for regular cleaning, maintenance, and healthier life surrounding nature and pets. After all, everything is about providing yourself and furry-waggy-creatures around with the healthiest space to coexist. 

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