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Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Gives You Sparkling Floors 

Your tile floors and grout loses its shine and luster as they age. Over time, they can also accumulate mold and mildew in between the surfaces of your tiles and grout. Regularly mopping can only remove the dirt and soil on the surface but not the deep-seated debris that darkens your grout. Instead of expensively replacing the materials, you can call a professional tile and grout cleaners like Oxford Cleaning Sydney to restore the shine and luster of your tiles, stones, and grout.

Oxford Cleaning Sydney uses high standard types of equipment coupled with unique processes to give a revitalized tile and grout look, at the same time, providing a deep clean to your materials. We have specialized cleaning solutions and effective suctions that remove the dirt and grime in between your tiles.

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning Process on the Day of Your Service

To guarantee an amazingly cleaned and new look of your tiles and grout in your entire house, may it be in the washroom, kitchen, indoor swimming pool, or on your walls, book a service not at Oxford Cleaning Sydney.

Our certified technicians strictly assure that the following process takes place.

1. Pre-Inspection

Our technicians inspect your tile to identify the type of floor and what cleaning solutions to use. They will also advise if there will be any tile repairs required.

3. Soil Suspension

Our technicians will then spray a high-quality non-corrosive solution to your tiles and grout to break down any embedded soil, wax, or residues.

5. Grout Sealing (Optional)

We can seal your grouts with non-corrosive grout sealers to prevent stain, water, and dirt that settle immediately. It will also help beautify your tiles further.

2. Debris Removal

We use a special hepa filter vacuum to remove all loose dirt, sediments, and ground-in soil. All the areas will be vacuumed, including the baseboards and corners.

4. Deep Cleaning

Oxford Cleaning Sydney provides a quality rotary cleaning machine to our professionals to extract stubborn dirt in your tiles. We will also manually brush the tiniest spaces to pull off dirt and contaminants.

6. Post-Cleaning Inspection

To make sure that you have a high-quality tile and grout cleaning service, we re-inspect your floors, giving you 100% satisfaction.

Benefits of a Tile and Grout Cleaning

Keeping your tiles and grout clean all the time minimizes the health risks it will pass to you and your family. It is also one of the great impressions of people who visit your home. Your floor tiles and grout are a representation of yourself.

There are numerous reasons why your tiles and grout should be shining clean, but below are the most critical.

Keeping your tiles and grout clean on a routine basis kills the germs and bacteria living on the floor. Brushing and scrubbing it with the right solutions which we have can keep other harmful bacteria out of your health risks.

Dirt, soil, and grime deep-seated in your tiles and grout over time cause a lot of wear and tear.  With the right oxygenated bleach and cleaning solutions, we make sure that your floors will be in a pleasant condition for many years.

We provide advanced professional equipment to vacuum and remove stubborn stains and dirt that you cannot remove even with hours of scrubbing.

Save your time and energy by calling a professional tile and grout cleaning service. Now, you can do some of your appointments while our professionals are restoring your tiles and grout.

Ready to Book With Us?

Oxford Cleaning Sydney takes pride in giving high-quality cleaning services for several years now. Contact us today to get more information about our excellent floor cleaning solutions.

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