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Undeniable Proof That You Need Mattress Cleaning

You may be having a squeaky clean, spotless abode but, did you know that the hotbed for thousands of bacteria, viruses, bed bugs, and dust mites is your mattress? Imagine sharing your mattress with these microorganisms for 7-8 hours every day, almost a third of your life!

On top of that, health studies prove that these parasites contribute to various health issues like skin allergies, eczema, asthma, and even early morning weariness. Placing in clean sheets or regular vacuuming is not enough to conclude that your mattress is germ-free.

Thus, you’d better book for a mattress cleaning immediately!

Why is mattress cleaning necessary?

Well, this doesn’t mean that you have poor hygiene. The shedding of dead skin cells during your sleep, including your sweat, dust, and even a kid’s urine, are the top reasons dust mites and bed bugs continuously reproduce in your mattresses. Therefore, this is not conducive to getting a good rest after your exhausting day job.

Mattress cleaning, however, can eliminate the microbes and germs present in your mattress, which a regular vacuum can not guarantee. Personal or regular vacuum cleaning only removes the top layer of dust and hair. Whereas, a professional mattress cleaning service cleans it from the deepest corners with eco-friendly materials and techniques.


Benefits of cleaning your mattresses

Commonly, you give importance to cleaning your upholstery and carpets regularly. In reality, you should assign more priority to your mattresses because of how frequently you use it.

Let us convince you more why cleaning your mattresses should be one of your top cleaning priority lists and reasons to sign up with our services throughout Sydney:

1. Peace of mind. 

With our best mattress cleaning results, you won’t have to worry whether you’re sleeping with thousands of dust mites or kilograms of dust particles. Now, you’ll be waking up from a night of quality sleep.

3. Dust mites and bed bugs mitigation. 

Mattress microorganisms are inevitable. However, you can control their reproduction for months feeling like you’re lying on a brand new mattress.

2. Aromatherapy. 

Our cleaning products include essential oils such as lavender to increase relaxation and calm, which leads to better sleep.

4. Mattress replacement and cost reduction. 

You might have changed your mattresses several times not because it has damage, but because it is disgusting. Our professional mattress cleaning services will save you bucks instead of buying a new one.

5. Healthier air quality. 

Fine dust particles from your mattress affect the air that you breathe in your bedroom. It leads to sneezing, eye irritation, and upper respiratory compression.

Mattress cleaning process

Cleaning your mattresses on your own is a hefty job. You also require a steam cleaning procedure to effectively disinfect your mattress. We, at Oxford Cleaning Sydney, provide you with a professional mattress cleaning service at a reasonable cost while paying attention to your requests if you may have.

Here’s how our experts carry out the cleaning process:

Stage 1: Our experts will use a highly-engineered mattress cleaning machine to loosen dust and dirt clinging from the deep layers of your mattress.  The high-frequency wave brought on by the machine removes not only visible specks of dirt like hair and dead skin cells, but also, microorganisms such as dust mites, bacteria, and viruses.

Stage 2: The team will then deep clean any stains or spots in your mattress with environmentally spot detergent sprays. We use a high-quality product that removes even the toughest stains. 

Stage 3: To disinfect the mattress, our technicians use a hot water extraction process that concentrates on the extraction of dirt, moulds, moisture, foul odours, and other contaminants on your mattress.

Stage 4: Our team of experts finally provide you with pointers on the drying process of your mattress. Additionally, if you may request, the team also imparts some cleaning maintenance tips to enhance the life of your mattresses.

Why choose our professional mattress cleaning service?

Oxford Cleaning Sydney is one of the recognized professionals in the mattress cleaning service. We offer excellent techniques with the latest quality types of equipment to provide you with safe, clean, germ-free mattresses. Our commitment is to deliver outstanding service with 100% quality results. Our team is well-trained in the processes and techniques of providing satisfactory sanitized and clean mattresses.

Hit the sheets with a clean, fresh-smelling mattress that would calm and doze you off to a good night’s sleep. Say goodbye to mattress invaders, say goodbye to allergies and sneezing!

Book with Oxford Cleaning Sydney now! We don’t only take care of your mattresses, we also accommodate cleaning services for carpets, couches, rugs, curtains, and blinds.

Our carpet cleaning packages


  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-spray conditioner
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)


  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-spray conditioner
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Deodorising & Sanitising


  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-treat stains
  • Pre-spray conditioner
  • Scrubbing carpet with soft brush pad
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Deodorising
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