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Whether it’s furnishing your office or home, you always want to keep it clean and stain-free for better well-being and the prolonged life of your upholstery. DIY is not pretty effective in eradicating dust, dirt, debris and stains from upholstery.

A water extraction method is the highest quality cleaning and restoration concept that would revive your upholstery and carpets safely and reliably. An upholstery cleaning services in Sydney provide a combination of high-pressure hot water and industry-grade cleaning solvent injected into the carpet fabric to extract the deeply imbibed sediments, known as Hot Water Extraction. 

Beyond Hot Water Extraction professional upholstery cleaning service, there are numerous supplemented methods and cleaning techniques for different types of upholstery. As per cleaning goals, the most suitable and effective technique is implemented.

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What is a Hot Water Extraction Method? 

The term “hot water extraction” is often synonymous with “steam cleaning.” However, both terms are different methods of cleaning upholstery and carpets. 

Hot water extraction isn’t just a new catchphrase in the market, but it is a methodology that is used to clean the carpets and upholstery to revive the beauty and cleanliness of your home. Hot extraction cleaning is no rocket science. It is an effective approach that integrates industry-standard gadgets and state-of-art methods to restore the dirty and stained carpets. 

To avoid any ambiguity, we explain to you how the “Hot extraction method” works.

How does Upholstery Cleaning for hot extraction methods work?

Hot extraction water uses high temperatures that are effective for deep cleaning fibres like wool and other upholstery. The method encompasses treating stains and extracting the deep grime, dust and sediments saturated within. It is the healthiest way to extract the filth out of fabric without causing a musty smell and no residue left behind. Couch Cleaning Sydney professional cleaners convert your home into a fresh, pleasant and relaxing environment and ensure your upholstery is revitalized.  

Hot Water Extraction is a common and effective way to clean your upholstery. The high-pressure and cleaning water is injected into your carpet, which helps to loosen the grime, germs, dirt, debris, and soil in your carpets. The solvent used is healthy and eco-friendly that does not hurt pets and children. A robust and high-powered vacuum absorbs the loosened materials from the carpet. Our state-of-the-art and latest approaches remove all the filth, moisture, cleaning agents, stains and dirt from your carpet up to 95%. 

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Steps involved for Hot Water Extraction Upholstery Cleaning?
  • Pre-assessment of fabrics and stains 
  • Injecting water and detergent solution
  • Loosening saturated dirt and grime of carpet 
  • Degreasing and removing stains and spots
  • Removal of dirt and moisture from the carpet 
  • Powerful suction motor for quick drying 
  • Regain fresh and cleanliness of the carpet

What are the Benefits of Hot Water Extraction Used on your Upholstery?

If done efficiently and through professionals, Upholstery Cleaning Services can deliver outstanding results. Oxford Cleaning is a fully-fledged Upholstery cleaning service in Sydney that offers tailored solutions as per the cleaning requirements. The constant traffic and other external factors accumulate dust and stains that require professional cleaning. At Oxford Cleaning, our premier services are fortified with a team of highly skilled technicians that thrives on providing the highest standards of cleaning every time. We walk extra miles to satisfy our customers and meet their needs.

  • Deep fibre-to-fibre cleaning 
  • Mild and effective 
  • Suitable for natural fibre cleaning 
  • Prolonged results 
In a nutshell, 

Oxford Cleaning integrates top-notch methods and equipment to clean the carpets for couch cleaning in Sydney. We infused green cleaning products and industry-grade solvents that are specially formulated and safe for you. No matter your upholstery cleaning needs, whether you require hosting an event or spring revival, our cleaning experts are sure to have your upholstery revitalized. 

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