How To Care And Clean Light Coloured Curtains At Home?

Curtain Cleaning

A perfect curtain can redefine your home infrastructure and alter the ambience dramatically. Curtains are not simple drapes, but every intricate of them is the epitome of your style. Whether you are swayed by cheerful colours or calming neutrals, your living room drapery should be clean and fresh; you don’t have to feel like a low-priority task to clean it. If you are not likely to envisage cleaning, you should reconsider your stance as curtains are prone to accumulate more dust and grime than meets the eye.

You might not think about the possibility of our curtains getting dirty or worn out quickly. Dust, small spills, moisture, dandler may be lurking in your curtains undetected. Professional Curtain Cleaning Services are the best option when it comes to rejuvenating and freshening up your drapes and curtains. Light colours often need special cleaning and care as they have linings, embellishments, and built-in hardware that can muddle up things and the DIY washing process.

However, if you are still looking for a DIY for Curtain and Drapery Cleaning, we can help you out to clean your curtains like a pro at home.

1. Start Cleaning The Surrounding Areas

Over time drapes and curtains are prone to absorb dust, dirt and stains that plunge deeply. Give a gentle shake to curtains as it would prevent settling down in the fibres. Remove hooks and curtain weights and loosen the heading tape. Let the fabric loose slightly and shake to remove the dust. Regularly dust and vacuuming windows sills and floorings that would keep curtain lining free from dust and dirt. Simply using a cloth duster, a lot of dust will come out. If you have pets at home, use a lint roller to get rid of pet hairs masked underneath your curtains.

If you find your curtains are filthy and stained, it’s time to get the help of a Professional Cleaning Company.

2. Vacuum Cleaner 

Vacuuming drapes weekly helps you reduce allergies and enhance air quality. The fastest and easy way to vacuum curtains is to remove them and place them on a flatbed. Shift the nozzle to a soft brush or use synthetic bristles brush and a good odour eliminating spray to vent out all the dust and odour accumulated.

3. Get Treatment For Stains

Accidents happen, and curtains are dust magnets. Cotton drapery and light-coloured curtains are more prone to show stains and sports more than other fabrics. However, colour blend issues, shrinking of fabric and other factors can be barriers to DIY spot cleaning. Inspect the window treatment and check fabrications labels before washing your curtains. Dry cleaning solvents may impact synthetic fibre like nylon and polyester; it is advisable to get cleaned by Curtain Cleaning Expert Sydney. Some stains are stubborn and need prompt cleaning, or else they would deteriorate the fabric, and even it would become discoloured and dingy.

4. Dry Clean The Curtains

Dry cleaning is paramount for light and colourful curtains. Though other methods may shrink or damage curtains, or the colour might bleed, so you need to be extra careful. Get an appropriate solution from Queen Cleaning for optimal results.

How Do Drapes and Curtains Clean Longer?

Along with household chores, don’t forget to dust valances, curtain rods, finials and drapery that collects dust. Frequent vacuum cleaning can keep accumulated dust in synthetic fibres at bay. It is explained that it’s risky to clean your curtains at home or machine wash them. If your curtains are weaved with delicate material or are colourfast, machine wash can damage them beyond the point of repair.

Get help from Oxford Cleaning provides Curtain Cleaning Sydney, the best services and shrunken aggravates your allergies. Vacuuming your drapes weekly and dry cleaning reduces the absorption of dust, stains and unpleasant smells. Getting help from professionals once a year is a good option to elevate and prolong curtains life.

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