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Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Earlwood

A clean carpet does not only add value to your office or home but it also makes your investment last longer. Regular cleaning is critical to maintaining the quality and beauty of your carpet. It also helps keep your indoor atmosphere refreshing and hygienic. To ensure that your carpet at home or office is properly cleaned, it is best to let professionals do the job.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Having your carpet professionally cleaned is the most cost-efficient and practical way to protect your investment and to avoid costly, untimely replacement. A professional rug cleaning in Sydney offers more than just cleaning the surface area. Professionals can ensure that your carpet is cleaned from beneath.

Professionals use the latest commercial-grade cleaning equipment and tools that are far better than a typical vacuum cleaner that is often used for do-it-yourself carpet cleaning. They also use non-toxic, quick-acting cleaning products to sanitize and deodorize your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners are also experts at effectively getting rid of stains and stubborn dirt without damaging the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Earlwood

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

Our professional carpet cleaning process involves hot water extraction carpet cleaning method. This carpet cleaning method is done by infusing cleaning agents and hot water into the fibers of the carpet at high pressure while removing the lifted soil with the use of a powerful, commercial-grade vacuum. We use an innovative truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine to heat the water under pressure until the 150 degrees Celsius ideal temperature is achieved.

The process can also remove all the pollutants and bacteria trapped within the textile. Once the cleaning process is completed, we will then dry your carpet using a carpet dryer. This process will take around 2 to 4 hours to complete.

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Our carpet cleaning packages


  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-spray conditioner
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)


  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-spray conditioner
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Deodorising & Sanitising


  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-treat stains
  • Pre-spray conditioner
  • Scrubbing carpet with soft brush pad
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Deodorising
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